We're watching some friends' kids and I thought it would be fun to serve them cheese fondue for dinner. The ages we've got are 4 & 7 (ours) and 5 & 7 (theirs).

their 7: "What should I try first?"

our 7: "The zuchini - to get it over with."

5: "Is this pork?"

Me: "Yep."

5: "I'm having pig for dinner?"

Me: "Uh...yeah."

5 (while dipping): "I'm having pig dipped in cheese for dinner!"


New Camera

I recently bought a new camera (a Nikon D40) that I've been drooling over for a while. I got it on the 4th of July and have been playing with it as much as possible ever since. Here's a set of photos from the last couple days...I'm still learning, but given my complete lack of experience with anything but a point-and-shoot, they're not half-bad. I really like this camera.

New Camera Set on Flickr

We're leaving on Sunday for a week at Lake Havasu so I'll have plenty more opportunity to play around - and maybe even improve. I'll update when we return.