Why we *heart* February.

It's been three years this month since Paige had her heart surgery! This picture was taken the night before...

She's oh-so stubborn and strong-willed as can be, this girl of ours. But when she's sweet she's very sweet. She makes up ridiculous and adorable songs (usually while sitting on the potty), and has a wild and colorful imagination.

Although I frequently have to remind myself, often while taking deep breaths and counting to 10, I love her just the way she is. And I am really so grateful that she's here and she's healthy.

She's our perpetual Valentine.


Bringin' home the bacon?

I have grown immune to my alarm clock. We've had the same alarm clock for over 10 years and it is no longer is sufficient at waking me up. It annoys me; some days it pisses me off; but it definately doesn't wake me.

Every morning sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 I begin an elaborate production of sleep walking across the room every 7 minutes or so, occasionally tripping over the dog, to push the snooze button. By the way,we cleverly placed the alarm clock across the room so we would not be tempted to continually push the snooze button. Then I sleep walk my way back to the warm comfy bed with my warm comfy husband and my snuggly cat and fall into a slightly deeper state of sleep. Consequently, most mornings I get up way too late and am way too rushed. I'm sure you'll agree that this is clearly not a personality defect or a result of going to bed too late, but the sign of a totally useless and uninspiring alarm clock.

So, I've been looking at alarm clock alternatives. Lately I've been thinking that I wanted a clock that incorporated my iPod so that I could wake up happily to a playlist of my choosing. I mean how great would that be? I can just imagine all the positive implications that waking up to great music would have. Why, I bet I would be more organized; my house would be cleaner; my children happier, the benefits are endless really! Oh yes, these alarm clocks are pretty pricey. But can you put a price on that kind of happiness? Thank you. I didn't think so. Anyway, I was all ready to shell out the bucks for the alarm clock that would put an end to my morning drudgery, and then.... THEN! I found THIS!

Oh dear god, when will they market this? I can tell you that if it's available by Christmas, some of you lucky friends and family will definately be finding one under your tree. Until then, I guess I'll have to settle for iPod alarm clock...


At the dinner table...

Paige: "Mom, [little boy at daycare] pushed me down and now I have a bruise (bwooze) on my head."

Me: "Hmmm, was it an accident or did he do it on purpose?"

P: "He did it on purpose (pope-us)."

M: "Wow. I wonder why would he do something like that?"

P: *shrugs* "Boys don't think (sink), Momma."

There's a real sense of pride and accomplishment when a major life lesson you've been trying to impart to them just clicks.


Overheard in the office...

I'm so tired of this conversation:

Client: "Hi, I'd like to make an appointment."

Me: "OK, his first available appointment is blah, blah, blah."

C: "Oh. OK. Well, I guess I'll take that appointment."
(long pause)
"So, he doesn't have anything sooner than that?"

M: (holding back, remaining professional) "no."

C: "Because, I've been coming to see him for, like, five years now."

What I wish I could say (aka, my inner dialog): Oh! Why didn't you mention that before? For you, of course we have an earlier appointment. Now, since you're such an exclusive client, I'm sure you know the secret handshake, right? Because unless you know the secret handshake, I'm afraid I can't access the chamber of hidden appointments.

What I get to say: "Sorry, that's the first available."


Stupid Cupid

Put on yer best sweats, baby! I'm takin' you out for Valentine's Day.
Le Chateau Blanc -(via Kottke)


Love in the afternoon...

Tomorrow, Dave and I will be participating in the Pacific Shoreline event in Huntington Beach. He in the half marathon and I in the 5K run/walk (more walk than run, for me). On Friday afternoon we went down to the expo to pick up our race bibs, time chips, t-shirts, etc. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to take a picture but lacked a camera so I took out my cell phone and snapped this shot of the pier. It's grainy and the color isn't true, but this will be our view while we run/walk tomorrow:

This view definately doesn't suck.

People, if you can manage it, I highly recommend daytime dates with your love over the evening versions. We took three hours out of our afternoon and headed down to the beach. We had a GREAT lunch at The Longboard on Main St., browsed around the Farmer's Market and Art-a-Faire, walked down to the expo to take care of our race business and took advantage of some amazing deals on nomally ridiculously-expensive racing clothes/gear. We did all of this without having to get a babysitter. And we still had the rest of the day/evening to get some work done, hang with the kids*, etc. We both agreed that it was some of the nicest alone time we've had in a while. I'm going to venture to say that it would've bordered on perfect if we'd indulged in a couple margaritas with lunch. But hey, now we have room for improvement.

*One of which spent her afternoon & evening cultivating a fever and vomitting extravaganza! See, the 'sitter would've been really pissed if we tried to go out that night.

Oh and, Go COLTS! Ok, I really don't care, it just felt like I should end with something Super Bowlish.