Life List

Life List

I've been working on my life list; the list of things I dream about doing in this life. If you need something to compare it to, I suppose you could call it a bucket list, but I really would rather you didn't. I'm not rushing to complete this list because I'm terminal. It's just things I want to do, want to experience.

I have a tendency to get caught up in the day-to-day of life with a husband, kids, job and house and before I know it another year has passed and I've still not done any of the things that I really wanted to try and do. It's so frustrating to me that when I have the time or opportunity to do something for myself, my brain goes blank and I can't remember any of the great things I wanted to do. So here it is, my (still under construction) life list, blogged for posterity:

Ride in a hot air balloon
Do community theater
Make money doing something I love (what that is, I do not yet know)
Redecorate my room into a relaxing, romantic, organized haven
Organize a neighborhood event (block party; xmas boat/trailer parade)
Go on a road trip with Dave & the kids, in a motorhome, to camp in various National Parks
View the Grand Canyon from the glass observation deck
Travel to Peru and see Machu Picchu in person
Go to Italy with my husband
Be a person who exercises regularly
Get a tatoo
Make lasagna from scratch (including the sauce)
Take a photography class
Join a choir or sing beautiful music in a (non-church) group
Learn to dance with a partner (Dave's a great dancer - I am not)

This is a good start - I know there are more that I just can't remember right now - but I'm also putting the list over in the left sidebar so that I can update it as needed. You should make a life list too. We can help each other cross things off - it'll be so fun!

(Life List inspired my Maggie at Mighty Girl)