All she wants for Christmas...

Emily lost her second front tooth at school today. She burst through the front door and said "Mom. I lost. my tooth. at school. today." That's how seven-year-olds talk by the way. I was pretty excited (Dave & I have wanted to yank that thing out for a while now, but Em would have nothing to do with that) so naturally, my next question was "how did it come out?"

And I am not kidding here. This was her answer:

"This boy that sits at my table, Mason, punched himself in the face and then he told me to do the same thing and when I did my tooth came right out!"

So umm Emily, if Mason told you to jump off the roof...*sigh* never mind.

I decided to save the lectures for another time. After all, thanks to that little dork, we don't have to look at the snaggletooth anymore. Thanks Mason.

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